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A Perfect Ass

This week, George and guest contributor Chris discuss MIT's robotic sand project and its potential uses.  George: Robot sand forms objects! George: Can I go work at MIT now? Chris: That's a bit mind-blowing.   George: Living in the future … Continue reading

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Lacking Tradition: An American Tradition

George: I've some material from a conversation with Eric, assuming he's willing to guest post. Mike: Ok. George: It's about tradition. Mike: Sounds unconventional. George: See what you did there? Mike: …No. Eric: goo.gl/T4gAA George: Rad! George: It's my understanding … Continue reading

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Guest Post – The Moosiah

George is starting to move around again, albeit sluggishly. He managed this post before passing out from exhaustion. Vacations are hard work. Chris: Religions have a long history of denying rights to people. I don't like unfairness, and I don't … Continue reading

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<Mike was out this week, so today's article features a guest – George's roommate, Eric!>     George: Someone posted a pseudo-math question on Facebook which I am determined to answer mathematically. George: “If the pot a of coffee didn't … Continue reading

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