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Lacking Tradition: An American Tradition

George: I've some material from a conversation with Eric, assuming he's willing to guest post. Mike: Ok. George: It's about tradition. Mike: Sounds unconventional. George: See what you did there? Mike: …No. Eric: George: Rad! George: It's my understanding … Continue reading

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Brainwashing: Not Just for Religion

Mike: So, this happened. George: From the title of the post alone – my coworkers are largely right-leaning. George: In fact, some of my coworkers carry and two of 'em are firearms instructors. We've spent a little time discussing 'em, … Continue reading

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Water Memory

George: Have you seen this? Mike: Oh god, HuffPo! My eyes are burning, quick, get the holy water! NOOO, not the hole-y water!!! Mike: Actually, I saw that episode of The Daily Show. George: What's wrong with the Huffington Post? … Continue reading

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Vaccinations != Autism

For fuck sake, I can't believe this is even a question. Vaccines do. not. cause. autism. Not in even 1 recorded case. Somebody call fucking Orac and Plait, I'm not up to this task. Andrew Wakefield is a fraud of … Continue reading

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MooCow and Smurf in Agreement?!

George: How do you feel about this article? Mike: On the topic of murder/assassination, my stance has not changed. I am against it in all forms and in all justifications, save for self-defense – and even then I would seriously … Continue reading

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