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The Glasses Are A Lie

George: Which one's hotter? Thor or Captain America? Mike: Black Widow. But I guess, objectively, Thor. George: What? But Captain America is so boy-next-door! Mike: I never much cared for Captain America – although he did have a reputation for … Continue reading

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Am Not Jesus Christ!

George: Jesus Christ. Mike: Am not. George: Are too, deal with it. Mike: Am not am not am not. George: Are too. Infinity. Mike: Am not. Infinity plus one. George: You can't add to infinity. It's a concept, not a … Continue reading

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A Perfect Ass

This week, George and guest contributor Chris discuss MIT's robotic sand project and its potential uses.  George: Robot sand forms objects! George: Can I go work at MIT now? Chris: That's a bit mind-blowing.   George: Living in the future … Continue reading

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Creative Writing

George: Granite Peaks has some classes available for people to pay and take! George: I'm thinking of taking some creative writing classes. George: Did we discuss this yesterday? Mike: Not that I recall, we mostly discussed our Super Secret Project. … Continue reading

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Stupid People

Mike: So, I hate stupid people. George: Whaaat? George: But they provide so much quality entertainment. Mike: I think if I were in charge, I would round up all the fucking anti-vaccination people, including those who are against the flu … Continue reading

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