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Operation Blitzed-krieg

Mike: I’m bored. Mike: Have I told you the story of the poor woman that I teased for weeks about a comment she made? George: I don't believe so. George: Wait, let's start over. George: In order to alleviate your … Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About THat

George: Coming over for game night? Mike: Probably, but I might be late. George: THat's fine. Mike: Are you sure about THat? George: THat's an excellent question. Mike: Can you tell me more about THat? I've alway been curious about … Continue reading

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Not Recommended for Public Consumption

Mike: MooCow is a drug against WAR! George: MooCow tries to make every day feel a little more surreal. Mike: Ask not for who the Cow Moos – it Moos for thee… George: MooCow – got milked? Mike: How many … Continue reading

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I Own a Bat’leth – Your Argument is Invalid

Mike: Man stabs people with a bat’leth! George: I remember this. Fantastic, fantastic. Mike: Did I mention that I own a bat’leth? George: I think I see a career change coming…! George: Just keep it out of my jurisdiction. Mike: … Continue reading

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You Think Your Dating Life Is Bad?

Mike: Okcupid tells me my best match, percentage-wise, lives in Tel Aviv. Thanks. Thanks, OkCupid. My best match is a Jew from Jewville. Tel Aviv is a distance farther away than Biblical Creation. Next, you'll tell me that I'm Dr. … Continue reading

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