Stately Skillsets

George: It has become necessary to find other ways to amuse myself at work.
George: Today, I have found such a method.


Mike: Do tell.


George: I answered a trouble ticket with a poem.
George: Specifically, I was asked to move a now-not-used computer into a vacant room and make it work.
George: To wit:


Hello! I hope this e-mail finds you well.
Let me give to you the latest intel:
Per the request, this computer move’s done.
Believe me – it was a whole ton of fun!


The keyboard stopped working during the change.
I’m not really sure why. It was quite strange!
It matters so little, though, I admit:
With a dig through spare parts, we replaced it.


Happily, there was no other setback.
Your logins should work. (If not, I’m a hack!)
Anyway, use it with no compunctions.
As always, let us know of malfunctions!


Mike: Well done.


George: Thanks!
George: My supervisor said that we're wasting my talents.


Mike: Clearly they really are.
Mike: I mean, they probably haven't had you suck very many cocks, for example.


George: Yeah, not a whole lot.
George: Is it a talent if it's an instinct?
George: I mean, just because it's something I tend to emulate doing something in my sleep doesn't mean I'm good at it.


Mike: That’s beside the point.
Mike: You know what the Joker says.
Mike: If you're good at something, never do it for free.


George: Hmm.
George: Maybe they should put it to use more often.


Mike: Sure. I mean, it may have started as a primal need, but you've developed a technique. You're a fucking artist!
Mike: (See what I did there?)


George: HA!


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