Kinsey’s Secret Ingredient

George: I’ve been reading hate mail on Wipe Out Homophobia's hate mail page.
George: Excerpt:
George: "Thank you so much for your beautifully-composed message. It arrived just as I was eating lunch, which as you probably know, for us gays, consists of vol-au-vents filled with pink marshmallows and sprinkled liberally with glitter."

Mike: Wonderful.
Mike: Is it bad that I had to look up vol-au-vent, and now I want one?

George: They're pretty delicious.

Mike: Where to get them?

George: Gay people.

Mike: I'm asking one. Right now.

George: Oh. Uh. Well, you know.
George: Trade secret.

Mike: Well, that's not fair.

George: When I can get married, you can have vol-au-vents.

Mike: Or I can Google the recipe, and you still can't get married.

George: You can Google up a recipe, but it's not the same.
George: Ours are made with a secret ingredient.
George: (It's totally not gay semen.)

Mike: It's gay semen, isn't it?

George: It’s not NOT gay semen!

Mike: So, you're saying it's gay semen.

George: I'd never admit to something like that.

Mike: Oh, of course not. But we both know it is.
Mike: Here is a recipe.
Mike: Or, here is a list of recipes.

George: The secret ingredient isn't listed in any of those.

Mike: That's ok, I brew my own secret ingredient.

George: Is it gay semen?
George: I'm not admitting to anything as far as a secret ingredient, but unless it's gay semen you're brewing, it just won't be the same.

Mike: If we were to assume that the population of gay semen follows the trends in human population, that I'd say at least 15% of it is gay semen.

George: Closer to 1.5%.

Mike: How do you figure? I thought it was 10-15%.

George: The 10% figure is based off of Kinsey's testing of college-age students from the '60s.
George: It's most often quoted, but for obvious reasons it is highly subjective.
George: More standardized, subsequent testing has leveled the number closer to somewhere between 1.5% and 2%.

Mike: Hmm.

George: Here is a relevant video.

Mike: I wonder, though, if that's "out," whereas it would be much higher if not for the stigma attached.

George: It's entirely possible that the number is still skewed for the reason you describe.
George: Anonymous testing would help take care of it, but the tests have been done by professionals who know how to account for that sort of thing.

George: The applicable Wiki article even establishes that at the top.

Mike: Interesting.

George: U.S. demographics.
George: I didn't realize before that last link that the different numbers would be so drastic in different cities.
George: It makes sense if you think about it for half a second. I just never took the time.

Mike: Oh yeah – gay friendly city, so people move there.
Mike: What an incredibly odd tangent we find ourselves on.

George: Is it?
George: I discuss this sort of thing pretty frequently.
George: People have gay questions. I have gay answers.

Mike: I just mean from discussing pastry we ended up discussing LGBT population percentage.
Mike: It's not exactly a 1:1 relationship.

George: Ha, I see.
George: From Pastry to Gay: The Mike / George Story.

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