This Is Why Your Vote Counts

Mike: So, a PHP script I wrote to update inventory imports CSV data fine, but chokes on images from zip files. I’m only accounting for one directory, but it looks like the zip file contains two.
Mike: Either the supplier is stupid or PHP is. I'm thinking supplier, because PHP wouldn't be adding directories.
Mike: I wonder if I can get PHP to search the child of a given directory without specifying name…

George: I vote 'yes.'

Mike: Well then it's settled.
Mike: Wait, why are you voting?

George: It's election day! All things are settled with votes.
George: That's how it works, right?

Mike: I don't know, let's vote on it and see.

George: I vote 'yes.'

Mike: I vote 'no'.

George: Shit. What do we do?

Mike: The Supreme Court has decided: your vote was invalid due to a badly mangled doohickey.
Mike: Therefore, in a 100% landslide: ‘no’.

George: Just because you ate a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell doesn't mean you get to call Supreme Court shots.

Mike: I've never eaten a Crunchwrap Supreme.

George: Haven't you? Let's vote.
George: I vote 'yes.'

Mike: I vote 'no'.
Mike: The Supreme Court – in a 5-4 decision – has ruled that tacos are a far superior food source.
Mike: I'm not sure what that means for our vote.

George: As Taco Bell ground beef contains an undisclosed amount of oatmeal, I find the entire court in contempt.
George: (I can do that.)

Mike: In a rare double-whammy decision, the Supreme Court has also announced that people who find them in contempt – or act out that ridiculous scene from "…And Justice For All" – are, in fact, Not True Scotsman and therefore their votes never count for anything.

George: On the charge of freely and uninhibitedly utilizing a false argument, I charge them guilty as… uh, charged.
George: Three months in the GeorgeWorld Slammer.
George: The name of which implies A) prison and B) slamming.
George: (Of the butt.)

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One Response to This Is Why Your Vote Counts

  1. Tracy Gilmore says:

    IF ONLY, it were that clear concise and honest. old, cinical, but still putting in my protest vote – which due to the E-Colege doen't count…ever.