Christ on a Cracker!

Mike: Check out this link.

George: I need one of these.

Mike: Just think George – you could have Jesus in your mouth anytime you want! And we both know he was well hung…

George: I’ll take the time to savior him.
George: "…capitalizing on the hunger for Jesus crust." HA!

Mike: Start your day the Catholic way – with Transubstantiated Jesus Bread!

George: Christ on a cracker!

Mike: Jesus toast – the real story behind the loaves and the fishes.

George: Put Christ on your toast with the power of the lord!

Mike: I think you mean “Tha Powah of tha LAAAWWWDUH!”

George: It’s hilariously funny to picture you delivering that particular pronunciation in person.

Mike: It’s a hilariously funny pronunciation.

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3 Responses to Christ on a Cracker!

  1. A little birdy... says:

    While you are savioring the taste of Jesus crust, are you sure you aren't praising the lard for it? 0:-^ P

  2. A little birdy... says:

    Hmm….or would that be the power of the larder? 

  3. That’s the spirit!

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