The Glasses Are A Lie

George: Which one's hotter? Thor or Captain America?

Mike: Black Widow. But I guess, objectively, Thor.

George: What? But Captain America is so boy-next-door!

Mike: I never much cared for Captain America – although he did have a reputation for doing what was right and sometimes that meant defying orders, he was a little too clean-cut for me. No edge, no substance, just "following orders" most of the time.

George: That's probably true to some degree.

Mike: So's your face.

George: Actually, I don't think there are untrue portions of my face.

Mike: Oh, so you have perfect eyesight and never wear glasses?

George: I'm not sure what glasses have to do with my face, other than that they rest on it.

Mike: The glasses are an untrue portion of your face.

George: They're not a portion of my face at all.
George: They're an accessory.
George: That's like saying a monitor is an untrue portion of the video card.

Mike: An accessory to an untrue portion of your face.

George: In what manner?

Mike: In that the glasses are a lie.

George: How are the glasses a lie?
George: I'm not sure there's a single person out there who would mistake them as part of my face, nor am I portraying them as such.
George: My glasses won't tolerate your slanderous ways.

Mike: They make you see things you otherwise wouldn't. How do you know those things really exist? Your glasses lie to you.

George: Glasses simply refract light. Your eyes are what are lying to you.
George: They're not picking up UV or IR light and relaying it to your brain, for example.

Mike: Aha, so you admit that a portion of your face is untrue!

George: Nope. They're lying, but that doesn't make them not true.
George: Just assholes.
George: So to sum this up: everyone has assholes for eyes.

Mike: You make a compelling argument.
Mike: FOR ME TO POOP ON! </triumph>

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2 Responses to The Glasses Are A Lie

  1. Chattering Raven says:

    okay, so this is what I think…His eyes are his eyes, they are there. therefore, they are a truth.His eyes have some difficulty in visual perception. Again, this is a truth. Glasses help to correct visual difficulties. This is a truth.George uses glasses to see the world us priviledged nonwearers see every day. This is a truth. Four truths make it so ….. Mike loses!   

  2. On the other hand, you have different fingers entirely.

    Game. Set. Match.

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