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Facebook Policy

George: What is your criteria for friending someone on Facebook? Mike: Typically, I try to limit it to people I'm actually friends with. The exceptions being one or two pseudo-celebrities that I follow because I'm stalking them. George: I'm always … Continue reading

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Shh… Gay Nazis

George: Last Sunday, I was interviewed by Chris (who you may remember was a guest on the blog one week) for his new podcast, Outcasts in Zion. Mike: Sure, I remember Chris. Guest star on the blog, atheist, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Mike: Holy shit, it's morning again! George: I'm not sure that's factual. Mike: 'Tis. Mike: I checked with the National Weather Service. They said it is most certainly morning and also Rule #2. George: They told you Rule #2? How … Continue reading

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Part 4: Jump the Kitty

George: Last time, you had subdued the cat-thing and simultaneously provided yourself a source of light, escaped the Land of the Lost Transients, found a snazzy vehicle, and hopped on the Highway to Hell Detroit. George: Your inventory comprises: – … Continue reading

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