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Gubmint Efficiency

George: At today's admin lunch meeting, we decided that we're going to get stencils and that spray that can be used on food and graffiti "Eat me" and other phrases on food in the produce aisle at the grocery store. … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail

Mike: Is it just me or are the videos on failblog a disappointment? George: They're generally a disappointment. George: Once in a while there's a gem. Mike: Ha! I just saw the Oregon Trail cake. George: On the failblog? George: … Continue reading

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Brainwashing: Not Just for Religion

Mike: So, this happened. George: From the title of the post alone – my coworkers are largely right-leaning. George: In fact, some of my coworkers carry and two of 'em are firearms instructors. We've spent a little time discussing 'em, … Continue reading

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Mike: Either I've managed to kill the test server, or they are having issues. George: I'll go with yes. Mike: That’s incredibly helpful in a way. Thank you for your contribution. Your suggestions always prove quite challenging, and are … Continue reading

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Water Memory

George: Have you seen this? Mike: Oh god, HuffPo! My eyes are burning, quick, get the holy water! NOOO, not the hole-y water!!! Mike: Actually, I saw that episode of The Daily Show. George: What's wrong with the Huffington Post? … Continue reading

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