Ahh! A Talking Smurf!

Mike: Mooooooooooooooooooooooorning.

George: AHH! A talking smurf!

Mike: What are you, Gargamel? We've always been able to talk.

George: Lies and slander!

Mike: How is it slander to say Smurfs have always been able to talk? That is a good thing!

George: Your Gargamelic accusations are slandatory in nature.

Mike: I was just asking if that's what you were – perfectly innocent.

George: Hardly! The implication hangs in the air like a heady perfume!

Mike: You wound me sir! I meant only to question what sort of being could be worried about a talking Smurf, and compared you to the only one known to exist.

George: You would compare a complex being existing in reality to a cartoon character? It is your turn to wound me, sir!

Mike: But that "cartoon character", as you call him, has done great harm to my people over the years. Are you saying that cartoons are somehow less important? Once again, you wound me!

George: If I stab you, do you not bleed ink?

Mike: If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

George: If you do, make it quick. Lethargy is setting in.

Mike: Oh, go fuck yourself. I'm going back to bed.

George: Sounds like a plan.

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