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Its Jesus From The Block

Jesus and friends approached Jerusalem, and ran into Bethphage of Olive Hill. Jesus: You and you – I need you to roll into town and get me a few things from the swap meet. Disciple #1: Sure, no problem. Jesus: … Continue reading

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The Caffeine, It Does Nothing!

Mike: Note to self: Penguin caffeinated mints taste pretty good, but they don't do much outside of that. Mike: Seriously, I've had like 25 of them, and they do nothing. George: Good to know! George: Do you know what the … Continue reading

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Cops: D&D Edition

George: Currently placing information on an address. Contents: George: Resident (named Merlin) will run. Has had knives, swords and body armor inside residence. Use caution. George: Body armor like, plate mail? George: Kevlar just doesn't pair well with knives and … Continue reading

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Mayo I Take Your Order?

Mike: Mike: I just threw up in my mouth a little. George: Gross. George: I bet most of that gets in there due to bored workers. Mike: Stupid fast food jobs. I’ve had a couple jobs that were sort … Continue reading

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<Mike was out this week, so today's article features a guest – George's roommate, Eric!>     George: Someone posted a pseudo-math question on Facebook which I am determined to answer mathematically. George: “If the pot a of coffee didn't … Continue reading

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