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Get The Smurf Out!

George: Smurf, your love of smurfing has gone too smurf! Mike: But smurfing is all I smurf! George: You must no longer smurf so smurfily. Mike: I have no smurf of smurfing less smurfily. Its just smurf. George: Did we … Continue reading

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Trouble Ticket in Paradise

George: I got a trouble ticket that reads like this – George: “George, my desktop image makes me think of men. Any ideas?” Mike: “Several. Meet me in the men’s room in ten minutes.” George: Ha! George: I replied, “That … Continue reading

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Bi-Polar Mac

Mike: I hate Mac. George: Oh? What'd Mac do? Mike: Well, Mac just up and decides he's overworked every now and then. It happens about once a week, if I don't let him power down over the weekend. What he … Continue reading

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Fabulous Overlords

Mike: Mike: Apparently, Scientology has a pretty nasty anti-gay streak and at one point was listed as a supporter of Prop 8. George: Yeah? Let me act surprised. Mike: I actually am very surprised. For all the Hollywood douchebags … Continue reading

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Starring George as: The PUN-isher

George: Said the router to the doctor – "It hurts when IP." Mike: I'm going to kill you for that. George: Make it quick, lethargy is setting in. Mike: No. That deserves a long, slow, painful death. Mike: From cancer. … Continue reading

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