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Observation Bias

George: My latest paranormal researcher group is lookin' to add a psychic. Mike: Okay, I'm going to tread lightly here because we've clashed over this before I think, so I'm gonna let you expand on that before I say anything. … Continue reading

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Rule 34

George: The title of this Wiki link got me thinking – I wonder if there’s also a list of real vampires on there. Mike: Probably. George: There was this movie I saw as a kid which I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Mike: Mike: Also George: Nice! On both links! Mike: I enjoyed them] Mike: -} Mike: Dammit! Mike: You get the idea. George: YOU get the idea. Mike: Your PANTS get the idea. George: Why, yes they do. Mike: … Continue reading

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Parable of the Faiths

Mike: When the cows began to play, the sun was shining bright! Now the MooCow’s on his way; it’s too late to say ‘good night!’ So Good Morning! Good morning, good morning; We’ve talked the whole night through! Good morning, … Continue reading

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Random Musings from Diseased Minds

Mike: I really don’t like when people call me on the phone to schedule a phone interview. Actually, I just really don’t like talking on the phone. Mike: Worst. Technology. Ever. George: Ha. I dislike phones in that they take … Continue reading

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